It’s not every day we get to see a film – let alone, a sports film – that makes us realize how almighty our God is.

But when I saw Facing The Giants, a Christian drama film released back in 2006, it didn’t only made me realize how almighty our God is.

You see, it made me realize everything that really goes on in life– from the moment we’re born in this world right up to the moment we’ll die in this world.

Simply put, everything makes all the difference as we go on our way to be the person we’re meant to become. Every single thing in this world makes all the difference. Every single place in this world makes all the difference. Every single person in this world makes all the difference.

Even more so, as heartwarmingly portrayed in Facing The Giants, every wrong thing in this world makes all the difference for every single thing in a person’s life. The protagonist, Grant Taylor (played by Alex Kendrick), is Shiloh Christian Academy’s head coach. The only problem is, he has yet to win a single game after 6 years of being on the job. During his 7th football season that began with 3 consecutive losses, life only seemed to add insult to the injury with the fact that he is being considered for replacement, as well as the fact that his car is slowly breaking down. Further complicating things in his already difficult life, he then learned about the reason why his wife can’t get pregnant: himself.

But you know what?

Everything changed when he surrendered his life to God. Aside from that, he started building young leaders in his team. They began to win games after a short while, even the final game against 3-time defending champions: the Richland Giants. He was able to keep his job and even had a salary raise. He was also able to rid his car and even had a new truck. Most of all, he and his wife finally had children together after two years.

And ultimately, here’s what Facing The Giants teaches us:

Nothing is impossible.