Being a welder and being an athlete, believe it or not, have similarities. They both need healthy bodies to cope with their every tasks, training, and competitions. So, how can you stay healthy when you’re into sports and welding?

Wear the appropriate clothes

skiing-woman-ski-apparelStaying healthy also means staying safe from any kind of danger that may harm you physically. To avoid those physical threats, a welder must wear the correct outfit. And I’m talking about the welding helmet, safety glasses, long-sleeved shirt, ear muffs/plugs, welding gloves, and close-toed shoes. All these can keep the welder safe from arcs, flames, fumes, and etc.

It’s the same thing with the athlete. Depending on your sport, you must wear the right attire. If you’re a cyclist, you should wear knee pads and a durable helmet. If you play American football, you must wear a face shield. If you’re a boxer, a mouth guard is also part of the attire. If you’re into skiing, then you must wear goggles, gloves, boots, and a snow jacket. All these can keep you safe from whatever danger you might face in your chosen sport.

Eat healthy food


As a welder and an athlete, you must also eat healthy food only. You need to take your diet seriously. Remember that you need a lot of calories if you want to be energized for the rest of the day. If you’re under 50, you’ll need up to 3,000 calories a day. If you’re under 50 and you’re not active (meaning you don’t do sports), you’ll need more. Likewise, if you’re beyond 50, you’ll also be needing more calories to help you with your welding job or sport. Remember, a healthy diet is a major contributor to a healthy lifestyle.

Work out

Lastly, if you want to stay fit, you should exercise. Working out is like a handyman tool that makes the tasks more bearable for the physical body. Welders usually have to stay in an uncomfortable position for hours to get the job done, and this may cause their bodies to become stiff and inflexible. To combat that, welders must exercise to keep their bodies flexible and to avoid the development of carpal tunnel syndrome.


Athletes also need to exercise. Like welders, they shouldn’t ignore cardiovascular workouts such as jogging and cycling. These exercises can lengthen one’s endurance, as well as keep the heart and lungs healthy. Here’s a pro tip: After 10 minutes of having a light cardio workout (like jump rope or light jog), spend 10-15 minutes on dynamic warm-ups like reverse lunges and skipping. These will improve rhythm, flexibility, and coordination. After the exercise, an athlete must also incorporate recovery methods such as massage, stretching exercises, and foam rolling to make sure that the body stays limber. Doing those will also decrease the soreness or muscle pain.

And that’s a wrap! Stay healthy!


Just last year, Bluehole Studio, the developer of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), partnered with ESL to organize the PUBG Invitational. It was the first ever official LAN tournament for PUBG e-sports, with 80 professional players and 20 amateurs participating. It has gained a lot of attention and is definitely helping PUBG attract more and more gamers.

Bluehole Studio has always aimed for a Battlegrounds e-sport scene, but the developers were surprised by how soon it happened. Even though there’s a lot more to be done to establish an e-sports framework, game critics have been positive about the response that PUBG will receive in the future from its audience.

What is PUBG?

The video game is all about surviving. At the start of a battle, you’ll be released with a parachute onto a huge distant island with nothing but the clothes on your backpack. After landing, you’ll have to gather weapons or utilize vehicles to look for and find supplies to help you survive combats. You can choose to play on your own or team up to be the last man standing.

What are PUBG Skins?

pubg skins weapons

This game also brags about its cosmetic skins that allow players to change the way they look in the game. There are also skins for weapons, and you can trade them using trading bot sites. You can also use those skins to bet. All you have to do is deposit your skins, play games like jackpot, coin flip, etc. and win better skins with higher value.

One of the reasons why critics have been optimistic about PUBG and its fate is because skin-betting has been famous for the past months. There are so many sites that allow you to bet, including my favorite PUBG betting website right now. These websites enable players to enjoy PUBG differently. Betting skins isn’t just thrilling; it’s also an excellent alternative for those who don’t want to deal with a fast-paced battle as of the moment. Besides, you can meet lots of friends when you visit legit third-party sites that allow you to place your bets.

Can PUBG Survive as an E-Sport?


True, e-sports are typically one team versus another, but in PUBG, 100 players are needed. The hosts need to come up with an excellent format. They need more time, but grand ideas and plans are bound to unfold as time goes by. Besides, teams are already gathering which is only proof that PUBG’s development as an e-sport is unstoppable.

We all know e-sports is a crazy world, but for PUBG, it’s simply another game of survival. It won’t be a successful e-sport overnight, but it might just be the e-sport every player has been waiting for.


Ever wondered how sports legends are like? Ever wondered how being a sports legend is like?

You see, sports legends are like us in normal ways. You also see, being a sports legend is like being us in a normal way. And if you have already noticed, to be a sports legend is to be as normal as you can be – only better when it comes to certain knowledge than most people and only greater when it comes to certain skills than most people.

But the question is: How can one be better in knowledge, as well as greater in skills, than most people at the same time?

Ladies and gentlemen, here are some ways:

Practice, practice, practice.

As they say, practice makes perfect. But when it comes to sports, practice becomes more than perfect. And that’s because practice is deemed as food for a sports person’s soul. Without it, everything about that person will just be a simple kind of normal – knowledgeable, but not enough to become better in his craft; skillful but not enough to become greater in his craft.

Apply, apply, apply.

As they also say, apply to succeed. But when it comes to sports, applications becomes more than success. And that’s because apply is deemed as drink for a sports person’s soul. Without it, everything about that person will just be another simple kind of normal – knowledgeable enough, but still short of becoming better in his craft; skillful enough, but still short of becoming greater in his craft.

And that’s what it means to be a sports legend – to become better in knowledge as you practice and apply, as well as to become greater in skills aa you practice and apply.

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