Why Playing a Sport is Good for You


If you think sport is only for those who have the athletic ability or innate talent to play it, think again! Playing a sport has a lot of potential benefits not just on health but also in life. As an adage says, sport is a metaphor for life. It offers a wealth of opportunities to learn life lessons that may help you become a better person on and off the sporting field.

Good for the mind, body, and spirit

The regular physical activity you get from actively participating in sports boosts overall wellbeing. It keeps you active, makes you more agile, and flexible among others. It can also help you stay in shape as you develop endurance and strength through constant practice.

Builds confidence

Playing a sport builds confidence. You become better over time through active participation and regular practice. And you gain confidence for every hurdle or obstacle you successfully overcome.

Provides lifelong lessons on teamwork

Sports teach you about teamwork regardless if you are part of a team or train as an individual player. You do not practice or train alone in a sport. There will always be people like other athletes, coaches, officials, medical and other support personnel who will be part of your development as an athlete. Being part of a team can provide lifelong lessons on teamwork that can be useful not just in sport but also in life.

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